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Mobile security protection for your industrial solutions


​Secure-Pro Mobile Services offer top-of-the-line security solutions that effectively safeguard buildings from any illegal access through advanced locking and unlocking facilities. The following are some of the most commonly used components and services that are related to these exceptional security features for buildings:
Access Control Systems Inspections: These systems employ various technologies such as keycards, biometrics (fingerprint or iris scanning), PIN codes, or electronic keys to regulate access to buildings and specific areas within them. Access control systems can be integrated with alarms, video surveillance, and other security measures.
Electronic Locks Inspections: Electronic locks such as keypad locks, smart locks, and card swipe locks are reliable and convenient solutions for managing access to doors and other entry points. With the ability to easily configure access permissions, these locks ensure optimal security and control. It is crucial to perform regular inspections on these doors to maintain compliance and ensure safety.
Maintaining and inspecting locks.: Regular maintenance inspections and of locks and access control systems ensure their proper functioning and longevity.
Lockout/Unlock Services: In cases of emergency or incidents where access is lost or compromised, security personnel can provide lockout or unlock services to regain entry to the building or specific areas.
Security Assessments and Consulting: Secure-Pro mobile professionals can conduct assessments of the building's existing lock systems and make recommendations for improvements. They can advise on the implementation of security measures that align with the building's requirements and industry best practices.


At Secure-pro, we place utmost importance on the meticulous documentation of unlocked facilities by our mobile patrol. This is a crucial aspect in upholding security and accountability. To achieve precise documentation, we have established comprehensive guidelines that must be strictly adhered to.
Date and Time: Our officers are highly committed to their duty of accurately documenting the date and time of any unlocked facility or area they come across. This meticulous record-keeping is crucial in establishing a clear timeline and identifying potential security breaches with ease.
Location and Description: It is mandatory for mobile officers to report the whereabouts of any unlocked facility or area. Kindly furnish a comprehensive account of the unlocked entry point or access area, specifying the particular door, gate, or window that was discovered to be unlocked.
Investigation and Follow-up: Secure-Pro's managers take swift action upon discovering an unlocked facility. Their prompt response includes reviewing security camera footage, conducting interviews, and implementing measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.
Corrective Measures: You can be confident that we will give you a detailed report explaining how we plan to deal with the unlocked facility issue. We may strengthen the locks, add more security measures, or improve staff training, among other actions.

Mobile security protection for your industrial solutions


 Secure-Pro Digital reporting for security officers involves the use of technology to document and report security-related incidents and activities. Instead of relying on traditional paper-based methods, security officers leverage digital tools such as mobile devices, specialized software, and online platforms to streamline and enhance their reporting processes.

Mobile security protection for your industrial solutions


We utilize the cutting-edge Secure-Pro Dynamic tracking technology to keep tabs on our security officers while they perform their duties. With this advanced system, we can monitor their movements in real-time, which greatly enhances our situational awareness, coordination, and overall security management. This approach represents a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and security of our organization.

Mobile security protection for your industrial solutions


Our Secure-Pro mobile security officers benefit from a live dashboard that enables real-time monitoring and visualization of critical security information and data. The dashboard presents key metrics, alerts, and operational insights in an easily digestible format for our security officers and supervisors, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the security situation. 

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